From Administrator Desk

Mrs.Sunita N Patil

Mrs.Sunita Bhosale-Patil

Education is the process of exploring oneself and knowing one’s abilities and talents. Teachers are the nurtures of their students’ abilities. Prakash Public School believes in this ‘Mantra’ and will always do.this school has one motto and that is build a generation that knows the value of life and ethics of living happily and in harmony. values can be taught only through the path of education and thus, Prakash Public School has shaped itself into the institution of not only just ‘Teaching the facts’ but also ‘illuminating one’s morals’.

we always focus on being a facilitator for the students, whose parents invest their trust on us and, we can proudly say that we have kept our promise and conserved the trust. we consider this this trust as a crown on our efforts, but we also know that this trust is a big responsibility. our faculties-both teaching and non-teaching working as a team, are continuously in their efforts to nurture the quality of our education provided to the students. we very well understand that its is these students who are going to be the future citizens of our country and that they are the ones who are going to play a vital role in the development of our nation. so,education the students is development of the nation.

    I thank all the parents for their sustained trust, support and help. Finally, I thank our teachers for dedicating themselves in fostering the students to achieve their dreams.