From Principal’s Desk

Dr. Madhukumar A Nair

Dr.Madhukumar Nair

lit lamp shouldn’t be hidden. Rather to be placed on a stand enabling it to
spread the light and expel the darkness.’

Prakash Public School is a well lit lamp with its luminous contingent.
It is triumphantly expelling the darkness of ignorance and illuminating the
young minds to spawn generations after generations to illuminate our great
nation, even the world.

  We provide an illustrious platform for its imminent stars to exhibit their hidden potential ,aptitude and absorption; inciting them to spread their insight through our great establishment.

Education is not merely imparting knowledge but enabling them for knowledge acquisition . It is just like the saying “Don’t give me the fish but teach me to fish”. Education imbibes and inculcates zeal to explore and  a spirit of enquiry. This aspiration begets better human beings, effective individuals and proactive citizens. Thus flourish in creating a better congenial society. Prakash Public School persistently and undeviatingly focuses on its inalienable goals.

Our School has a unique goal to create leaders for this great nation by imbibing ‘Convex Lens’ leadership. As a convex lens leads the parallel rays which never meet each other, towards one focus; Prakash Public School steers different minds to the ultimate goal of nation building,

       With a euphoric heart I extend my humble gratitude to the Management and the academic team for accomplishing this great mission efficiently and dedicatedly. Wish you all the best…….