Greetings From Founder


Mr.Nishikant Bhosale-Patil

My pleasure is immense to connect to you all our students, their parents, well-wishers, companions and supporters through this website.

Education is one of the most
decisive aspects that define one’s life. Having access to quality education at
the foundation age of one’s life can make the real difference in the later
walks of life. That’s the reason basic education is of utmost importance in

Ideally, our education system is
meant for inspiring students to open and expand their mind- span. In addition
to that, a good education system should skillfully prepare the young children
for meeting the challenges and ordeals of future life. Apart from academics, a
good system of schooling should focus on inculcating good values ethics among

Here at Prakash Public School, the focus of schooling is on child-friendly and child centred approach. Students are provided with opulent opportunities to horn and excel the versatile talents and potentials in them. Hence, Exta-curricular activities are given good priority. Owe to this approach the school has scaled many heights and achieved many feats in recent times.

We assure you that we shall always strive hard to better our pursuits of excellence compared to the previous years.

Conveying my gratitude and gratification to all who are playing their roles in perfection and thereby contributing to the success of our institution.

With warm regards

 Shri. Nishikant Bhosale – Patil

Hon. Founder, PSM